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Don’t Try the Matcha!!

I was busy all last week attending a major cryptocurrency conference known as DevCon4 right here in Prague. Throughout the week, I was able to attend various events discussing how blockchain technology can be implemented for the betterment of society and the world. In fact, last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a Binance (the largest cryptocurrency exchange) meetup, in which they discussed the beneficial uses of cryptocurrencies for daily use. Attending this conference allowed more and more hole-in-the-wall cafes right here in Prague to surface.

Most aesthetically pleasing café I’ve been to by far.

On my way to the Binance meetup, I had to go through this random café that resembled some alley-way at first glance. To my surprise, the name of café was Vnitroblock. At first, I didn’t think anything of it; in fact, it looked like a worn down warehouse before you actually step into the venue. However, once  you enter the building/warehouse it morphs into a totally different world. It welcomes you with decomposed brick walls, discolored partitions, and vaulted ceilings. There was a dividing wall that separated this catastrophic façade from the main section, and it completely caught me off guard. The moment you pass the divider, you’re hit by an aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, the soothing vibes of smooth jazz, and the excitement of a full on exclusive sneaker shop directly to your right. It was like nothing I have ever before and more.

I decided to sit down and have a cappuccino. Unfortunately, the quality of the brew wasn’t as good as some of the cafés I’ve visited previously, but it did the job; it also wasn’t as filling neither. Afterwards, I chose to order one of their in-house specials, the matcha latte. I honestly had no idea what I was ordering, but it sounded cool so I went with it. Once my order number was called, I approached the kiosk and was shocked to see that the matcha latte was green. Allow me to remind you, I’ve never heard of this kind of latte before. I didn’t know if it needed sugar, if I had to add a little bit of milk, or any other supplement to enhance the flavor, so I left it as is. After sitting down and staring at it for quite some time, I decided to try this martian-colored concoction. Long story short, it was the most atrocious latte I’ve ever ordered and I regret every sip I took.

Avoid the wicked matcha latte at all costs!! (You’ve been warned).

Later on I decided to do some research on what exactly is a matcha latte. Of course, the latte had nothing to do with coffee at all. Instead, what I learned was that I ordered a tea that consisted of blended edamame and warm milk. If that’s your cup of tea, please be my guest to try it; however, that is not something I would enjoy having every morning or during my lunch break.

Aside from this, I would rank this experience a solid 8/10 mainly because of the mysterious and worn down aesthetic of the café. I mean, how many times are you just going to go down some random alley-way and find some cool hang out spot (besides New York or D.C.)?

Stay tuned for next week’s #KavaMonday where we will continue the search for the best coffee shop in Prague! Also be sure to keep up with the other bloggers this week, and follow us on Instagram – @MSMUtravels.

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