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Getting lost abroad

Hello once again! It’s been an amazing week since my last post. This weekend, Jeremy and I decided to take a day trip to Dresden, Germany. We have a certain philosophy of traveling; every time we go somewhere new, we just start walking around the city until we find something special. Although we didn’t exactly go running on this day trip, we did get lost as we wandered around. So I guess you could say we were running around the city like a chicken with its head cut off, not aware of our surroundings, direction, or even the language!

World’s Largest Porcelain Mural

After spending a good chunk of time trying to decipher the German language and attempting communicate with bystanders (which we learned may not always lead to the nicest encounters), I made the executive decision to purchase tour bus tickets. We ended up riding around Dresden on a Hop On/Hop Off bus which seemed to be the best decision of the day. Every time we saw an appealing attraction, we decided to hop off and explore. We were able to “run” into cute and quaint places that piqued our interests. A few of these places include: the Volkswagen Factory, the World’s Largest Porcelain Mural, the Martin Luther Church, and a few castles I never learned the names of.

Small Castle off the Elbe River

Although it seemed like traveling to Dresden would have been fun due to the constant Travelocity and TripAdvisor suggestions, we learned otherwise. Dresden was not as impressive or touristic as these traveling sites claim. So just a pointer, don’t always trust what you see on the internet.

Jeremy and I freezing as we smile by the river.

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