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The Greatest Moment Life (so far) #TuneInThursdays

This weekend, I was blessed with another opportunity to perform here in Prague. I emailed asking if could I perform, and they said yes! God works in mysterious ways: I only knew about this event because another artist who lives here, Piqi Miqi, invited me.

I was given 10 minutes of stage time to open up for the main act, Rome Fortune. Rome Fortune is a pretty big artist from Atlanta and has even done shows at Coachella. Unfortunately for him and luckily for me, he missed his flight to come to Prague. This allowed me to do 7 songs and 2 freestyles instead! It was awesome; it was as if I was the main act… that’s how I approached it at least.


I got a standing ovation in the form of my audience chanting “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!” That was honestly so amazing: I’ve been a big fan of Jerry Springer since my childhood, and I always wanted to do that in a song of mine. To hear it live, and I didn’t even ask for it or start it myself almost brought me to tears thinking about it after I left the venue. In fact, it actually did make me cry when thinking about it the next day.

I am truly blessed for the opportunities I have had on this study abroad experience. I met some great people and made some wonderful connections at the event. Even a famous rapper in the 90s was there, but he missed my set.

I have another show tonight and it might be the biggest one I’ve had here yet. I’m even getting paid! I could get used to all the love I’m getting overseas…

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