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Who’s Ready for Some Football on this #BrewsdayTuesday?

Hut Hut Hike! Hello all! Thank you for tuning into my second edition of #BrewsdayTuedsay! Right now the United States is celebrating the kick off of the new 2019 NFL season! After missing the inaugural kickoff of my favorite America sport, I have made it a priority to watch as many NFL games in Dublin as possible.

After reading articles online from Americans who traveled around Dublin, I gathered that the best place to watch NFL games is at Woolshed Sports Baa and Grill. This pub is located only a block away from my classroom in Dublin. After talking to some of the staff there, I quickly understood this is not a typical Irish bar. Instead, this is the perfect place for expats to keep up-to-date on any sports in the entire world. Practically, any game that is televised somewhere in the world can be watched at this bar. One of the bartenders told me that there is a small of group that comes in to watch Swedish hockey games.

As I entered this bar, I was immediately seated in front of the closest television screen of the game I requested. The staff made sure I had the best view of the game I wanted to watch. During the game, it was comforting to hear from other Americans who entered into the bar. Even though the NFL is predominantly an American sport, a few Irish men asked me the rules of the NFL. The Irish men I talked to also liked to brag about the knowledge of the NFL they had.

 I was enjoying an Irish lager called Dublin Blue during the games. My friends that were watching the game with me all agreed that the beer was very similar to how a light beer would taste back at home. One friend thought it tasted exactly like a Bud Light. I believe this bar was the first bar I have been to in Ireland that served pitchers of beer. All of the other pubs I had a drink at typically serve beer in pint glasses.

For a moment I felt at home as strangers celebrated for the success of other NFL teams. Below are some photos of my time in the Baa Sports and Grill:

I thought it was interesting to see the amount of Irishmen wearing NFL jerseys of teams all over the US. The place was packed all the way into the late hours of the night.
Dublin Blue, I believe, is a perfect lager beer to pair with typical bar food, while watching the games with friends!

For NFL fans traveling through Ireland during the NFL season, I highly recommend stopping in at the Woolshed Baa and Grill to feel a little bit more at home!

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