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Sketching Italy

Hi! My name is Aubrey, and I am in my sophomore year as an art education major at
the Mount. I love to snowboard and surf, but nothing tops arts for me. I have loved art ever since I was little because being creative is where I shine the most.

I am studying here in Italy for the rich art history and all it has to offer. In just the few days that I’ve been in Italy, I have seen the architectural structure of the Duomo and Neptune’s fountain. There are so many installations of art and designs. I pass so many landmarks just walking to class, including the Santa Croce building as I start my day since most of the restaurants and bars I want to go to are on that side of town.

This week, I was trying to find a nice place to sketch to encompass the beauty of Florence in Signoria Square. There is a statue garden in Signoria Square where all these elaborate statues in bronze and marble remain. I will sketch one of them this week for my assignment for my independent study art class. I am taking an independent study in art while I’m here to continue to pursue my major and will be sketching some of Italy and my favorite spots along the way. In addition, my blogs will be focusing on art (no big surprise), and I will pick my favorite pieces and show you the highlights. I know I will be visiting the Accademia Gallery and the Uffizi Gallery here in Florence, the Trevi fountain in Rome, and I’m sure a variety of other places before the semester is over!

I am very excited about what’s to come, and I will be updating you all on this beautiful city, Florence. Also, I will be going to Rome, Venice, and maybe Sicily. So I will show you pieces of art all across Italy. Next week, I am going to Rome, so some Roman art pieces will be in my blog in the future.

Ciao for now!

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