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Spring Break in Sardinia

This week is spring break for me. I started off with a day trip to Milan; and let me tell you, never go to Milan. Now, let me explain: Coming from the Mount, we’re used to small town vibes. In traveling to Milan, which is like New York City but in Italy, I was exposed to that big city life which was different than even what we experienced in Rome. I think that I may actually hate Milan. It was gray, and a car almost hit me. I must have gotten used to walking about in Florence which is far more pedestrian-friendly than Milan!

I did get to see the Famous Milan Cathedral and I took pictures in the morning, so no one was in my shots. Like New York City, Milan is filled with people! My wandering ended with seeing a castle, but Rome’s circular castle, Castel Sant’Angelo was much cooler. Based on the lackluster experience I had in my day trip, I would never recommend going to Milan to anyone; but hey, if you want to spend big money on a train ticket and just walk around aimlessly for hours, be my guest!

Then to actually start my Spring Break, I traveled to Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy, with a group of friends who are studying with me. We are staying here for a week, and let me tell you, Sardinia is the prettiest place ever. My dad called me and said that he was so jealous and that he was almost mad at me because of the experiences that I am having!

To start off my Sardinia trip, I walked across the whole beach the first day, and since I was staying in Cagliari, I walked the Poetto Beach which is a 2 hour walk, one way. It’s a very long beach! But the walk was relaxing after my experience in Milan. The next day, we got lucky and booked the coolest tour guide, Francesco. He took us off-roading in his Jeep and showed us the beaches and the lookouts of Chia, and we saw pink flamingos. Then my friend Rachael (another blogger) and I went on a nice, relaxing sailboat cruise where they served us fresh coffee, native Sardinian food, and wine. We saw our tour guide again, and he took us out on his boat where I got a nice tan while we took turns with our friends riding his jet-ski. On the jet ski, Francesco showed me cool hidden caves and this rock that looked like a heart which was my favorite. I also did donuts on the jet-ski, and it went up to 75 miles per hour! Thank goodness I brought my sunglasses because my eyes would have been watering! That day was Katie’s (aka Kaitlin, another blogger) birthday, and she had a blast! Later, we took her to this fancy seafood dinner, and they gave us free alcohol. All in all, Sardinia has been pretty epic so far!

Our time in Sardinia is coming to an end. However, we still have another tour with Francesco today – our last full day here, and he is taking us on to the Villasimius where some cool cliffs are. I am hoping for a final, epic adventure in his Jeep again! Soon I will be heading to Naples and will return to Florence on the 13th where we’ll resume classes. I am excited to see what Naples is like because my Italian teacher said it is like straight out of a movie, and my AirBnB is right in the heart of historical Naples. My next post might include some details about my visit there.

So, this week I didn’t talk about art as much because beaches and water have surrounded me. But the beauty of nature that I have experienced in Sardinia is a work of art on its own. Nature is the true art of the world, and nothing can compete.

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