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Fancy Feasts and Island Destinations

Hey everyone. We had a great past two weeks here in Italy. Last week we took a field trip to Carnevale in Viareggio. Carnevale was super fun, but not what I expected. I did not know that there would be so many floats or that it would be that big of a festival. We did learn a little bit of background on what the festival was about. It is essentially one last big party before Lent. It is their last chance to eat a whole bunch of food before fasting. They dress up in amazing costumes and throw lots of confetti around. The main event of the festival was the parade floats. Before the festival started, the parade floats were lined up waiting for everything to begin. We were able to walk around them and take pictures but it was even better once they started moving around. They all had so many moving parts that you would not expect them to have just on first glance. The festival was also right next to the beach which is where we went first and definitely got some great pictures.

This week we had our spring break and everyone branched off to different parts of Europe, but I went to Cagliari in Sardinia with a group of friends. We ended up having to travel to Pisa by train and then fly to Cagliari. Our train was very early in the morning so I decided to just stay up all night instead of only getting two hours of sleep. Once we got to Cagliari, I thought the trip was going to end up being super boring, but we decided to plan a random tour for the next day. Picking that tour was the best decision we could have made! Our tour guide was amazing and showed us so many places that we would not have been able to find on our own. We even went off-roading which was not expected but so much fun! We then decided to book two more tours with the same person and had so much fun.

While we were there, it was one of my friends’ birthday so we decided to plan a fancy dinner. We went to a seafood place which was pretty good. I got shrimp risotto which was a new experience for me. I like shrimp, but I think it was too much for me. However, we did order delicious desserts! We got tiramisu and some type of mango and coconut dessert. They were both fantastic, but I mostly ate the mango and coconut. We got free shots at the end so that made up for how expensive the dinner was. I also randomly got some churros, and they were absolutely amazing with chocolate.

(We also made friends with a cat.)

Anyway, Ciao for now!

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