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Glassmaking in Venice

This week, I explored the beautiful city of Venice. Venice is known for its intricate glasswork and gondola rides. I went to the little island of Murano to see artisans at work, and the time and precision that go into glassmaking is really crazy. I met a man where I bought a glass snake, and he said he started glassmaking when he was 11 years old and has had his shop for 40 years! I could tell he loved what he did. I just loved exploring the city of Venice and seeing how people reacted to the new glass pieces being made. My favorite were these cool-looking aliens: They were too expensive, so I had to pass on buying them, so I bought a skull plate instead.

I also went to the other little island of Burano. This island I liked a little more as all the houses were bright colors such as pink, green, blue and red. If you looked down the canal, it looked like a rainbow! I got gelato there and made sure to get all the flavors that matched the color of the houses so it could twin with it. Burano was so cute, and I got a scarf there that keeps me so warm that I wear it every day.

When I got back from the islands the next day, my friends and I went for a gondola ride. It was nice and relaxing; the cool thing about the ride was the ability to play our own music. The gondolier let me have access to the gondola’s aux, and I played Nirvana and Snoop Dogg as we glided along the waterways of Venice. It was quite funny and interesting, to say the least, for the locals!

I ended the night by going to a casino. Let me tell you – Casinos will steal your money! Unless you are really good at cards, I would not recommend bringing a lot of cash. However, I had the best Pina Colada in the world. It was no ordinary drink; it was the best I ever had. All in all, Venice was so pretty with its waterways as the main means for transportation. It was weird that there were no cars anywhere, so boats served as cars to get from one place to another. Next week I am going to Croatia, and I’m super excited about seeing waterfalls and having fun. Ciao.

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