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Pizza & Dessert Cooking Classes

Ciao everyone. This week was very chill. I only did a few things outside of class because I had a lot of midterms and exams. I’m currently taking Accounting 102 as an asynchronous class and that midterm was due on Friday. We are also required to take Italian, and I had to make up an exam that I had missed because I was sick. I am also taking America in the World which also had a midterm due on Wednesday. I basically had an exam every day which was not fun at all!

On top of all my homework and exams, my Wi-Fi basically stopped working. It cuts out a lot and is slow even when it does work which meant I spent more time at the AIFS Student Center to do homework or even just at a random café with Wi-Fi. The best part about being at the student center is that Gina, one of the people who works there, brings her dog to work with her. Her dog is named Gorgonzola and has easily become my therapy dog. There are a lot of dogs here in Italy, but you can’t just go up and pet them which is fine since Gorgonzola is great for a little class break.

We had our second cooking class of the trip this past week, and it was super fun. We each got to make an individual pizza. The company where we did the class made the dough and the sauce so all we really had to do was shape the dough and assemble it. We were split up into groups, and it was kind of funny to see some people struggling with shaping their dough. It was either way too sticky for some or way too dry. Somehow most of us at my table went with square pizzas. It was easier to fit them all on a board if they were all squares but some of our pizzas were thinner than others which meant they were bigger. I was one of the first to finish at my table which meant I got to help others that were having a few problems with their dough.

During the class, we also got to make two desserts. We made a berry sorbet which was pretty tart but still good. The other dessert we made was a classic Italian gelato called buontalenti. It was created by a famous Italian architect. It had the flavors of orange, vanilla, and marsala wine.

Buontalenti is one of the things that you must try if you ever travel to Italy. It was my first time trying it, but I will definitely get it again since it can be found at most gelaterias.

This weekend is also the celebration of Florence’s new year which hearkens back to when the Florentine calendar was still in use here. Florence didn’t adopt the Gregorian calendar, where the new year begins on January 1, until 1750! The holiday is called Capodanno Fiorentino and is celebrated on March 25, so I am on the lookout for any celebrations.

That is all I have for this week so ciao for now!

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