Author: Aubrey

Vacation in Naples and a New Tattoo

Last week, to end my spring break, I traveled to Naples. My Italian teacher said Naples was like a movie with all the busy streets and the music that is played everywhere. Let me tell you – her description did not disappoint! For example, my friend and I were just […]

Spring Break in Sardinia

This week is spring break for me. I started off with a day trip to Milan; and let me tell you, never go to Milan. Now, let me explain: Coming from the Mount, we’re used to small town vibes. In traveling to Milan, which is like New York City but […]

When in Rome…

The last week killed my feet. I walked all over Florence, and this weekend we went to Rome, where in one day, I walked 15 miles! The new Nike shoes I just bought were broken in on the first day, to say the least! I also bought another leather jacket, […]

Monuments of Florence

To be famous for your structural unsoundness is quite ironic. This week I went and saw theLeaning Tower of Pisa. This was quite a trip; we lost some people along the way, and they hadto take a train to find us, but it was interesting nonetheless. The Leaning Tower of […]

Sketching Italy

Hi! My name is Aubrey, and I am in my sophomore year as an art education major atthe Mount. I love to snowboard and surf, but nothing tops arts for me. I have loved art ever since I was little because being creative is where I shine the most. I […]