Florence 2022

Dr. Alejandro Canadas is traveling with 24 Mount students in Florence, Italy in Spring 2022.

Pisa and Pizza

Hey guys, welcome back to #FoodieFriday! I had a super interesting week here in Italy. As my classmates have reflected on already, we recently went to Pisa and Lucca. It was not what I expected at all! Based on pictures, you would think the Leaning Tower of Pisa would be […]

Duomo, David, & Dante, Oh My!

Welcome back everybody and thank you so much for deciding to join me again on #ReflectionFriday!! I absolutely loved reflecting on my first week in Florence with you guys and am extremely excited to do so throughout the rest of the semester! Today, my bike took me to an incredible […]

Coffee Gelato With a View

Welcome to Gelato Giovedì! For those who don’t know, “giovedì” means “Thursday” in Italian. I will be going out every week to try a new flavor of gelato and talk about it and what we’ve done during the week! My first flavor: Cafè / coffee!  Back at home, I love […]

Monuments of Florence

To be famous for your structural unsoundness is quite ironic. This week I went and saw theLeaning Tower of Pisa. This was quite a trip; we lost some people along the way, and they hadto take a train to find us, but it was interesting nonetheless. The Leaning Tower of […]