Florence 2022

Dr. Alejandro Canadas is traveling with 24 Mount students in Florence, Italy in Spring 2022.

Religious Reflections on #TourismTuesdays

Hello! This week I had a really fun time at different places including visiting the Duomo Museum Baptistry, Santa Croce Church, St. Francis of Assisi’s Monastery, and the Dante Museum. This post will primarily focus on some religious reflections from my visit to the Duomo’s Baptistry. As you can see […]

Student holding up Leaning Tower of Pisa

Visiting Pisa and Lucca

Ciao Mounties, and welcome back to the blog! What a week I have had here in Florence! This week, I had the opportunity to sample new bakeries, gelaterias, museums and travel to new cities! For Italian Life and Culture, my class attended the Duomo Museum, and I do not know […]

My First Week Back in Florence!

Benvenuto friends, family, and fellow travelers of our incredibly beautiful world! My name is Meghan Fleming, and I could not be more excited to share my study abroad experience with you over the next few months on #ReflectionFriday! Florence is a place that I hope everybody reading gets the chance […]

My Florence-based #FoodieFriday

Hey guys! I’m Rachael, and I am super excited to document my journey in Florence. I am currently a sophomore with an undecided major but I think I plan to major in business. I am from Fort Washington, Maryland which is about two seconds from Virginia and DC. I was […]

Gelato Fun! Food Reviews in Florence

Buongiorno a tutti! (Good morning/afternoon, everyone!) I’m Kayla Jones, and I’m a sophomore double majoring in English and Communication and minoring in Creative Writing. I hope to become a book editor, but I’ll edit anything I can get! I love reading, writing, listening to music, and going for long drives.  […]