Tag: Culture

Exploring the Boboli Gardens

After spending an entire week trapped inside my tower of quarantine, I was finally freed Monday morning after my Covid test came back negative. Stepping out onto the street to take the test felt like passing through a portal and into a new world. After spending seven entire days by […]

Weekend in Croatia

This weekend was the highlight of my week: I went on a weekend excursion out of Italy. However, I had to plan and do all my homework on the weekdays so that my weekend would be completely open. After all, I would not be bringing my computer to Croatia because […]

A Relaxing Week Back in Florence

Ciao Mounties! After visiting Tuscany and Venice, this week felt slow and peaceful. The weather in Florence was warm and sunny, making the days feel truly like spring. This week I had the opportunity to visit Palazzo Vecchio, attend a cooking class, and go out to dinner with a great […]

Pizza & Dessert Cooking Classes

Ciao everyone. This week was very chill. I only did a few things outside of class because I had a lot of midterms and exams. I’m currently taking Accounting 102 as an asynchronous class and that midterm was due on Friday. We are also required to take Italian, and I […]

Glassmaking in Venice

This week, I explored the beautiful city of Venice. Venice is known for its intricate glasswork and gondola rides. I went to the little island of Murano to see artisans at work, and the time and precision that go into glassmaking is really crazy. I met a man where I […]