Florence, Italy

spring semester, even years

Pizza & Dessert Cooking Classes

Ciao everyone. This week was very chill. I only did a few things outside of class because I had a lot of midterms and exams. I’m currently taking Accounting 102 as an asynchronous class and that midterm was due on Friday. We are also required to take Italian, and I […]

Weekend In Venice

For as long as I can remember, Venice, Italy, has been the one place I’ve wanted to visit. There was just something about the streets being water and the Venetians having to get around via boats that fascinated me so much. While I was signing up to study abroad in […]

Glassmaking in Venice

This week, I explored the beautiful city of Venice. Venice is known for its intricate glasswork and gondola rides. I went to the little island of Murano to see artisans at work, and the time and precision that go into glassmaking is really crazy. I met a man where I […]

The Symbolism of the Lion of St. Mark

Hi everyone! This week, I went to Venice and took a day trip to Chianti for wine-tasting. The views of both places, but especially Venice, were stunning. Although I say this in almost every post, I am incredibly grateful to be able to see these kinds of places. While in […]

Winetasting and Gondola Rides in Venice

Ciao Mounties! What an adventurous week I have had! This past week I had the opportunity to travel to the famous vineyards of Tuscany and the charming city of Venice. I strolled through the countryside of Italy sipping wine and getting a sneak peek into how wines are made at […]