Florence, Italy

spring semester, even years

My Big Fat Greek Trip!

Hello everyone! From this week’s title, you can probably tell that I went to Greece last week. I am incredibly grateful to say I had the opportunity to visit Greece for ten days (even though two of these days were taken up by a ferry ride, haha). Specifically, I visited […]

Sightseeing and Soccer Games

Ciao Mounties! Unlike last week, my weekend was anything but slow. I went to places I had previously only dreamed of seeing. From traveling from Siena to San Gimignano and exploring these historic towns, to the picturesque Cinque Terre, and cheering for the Florence soccer team, my week was spectacular! […]

Reflecting on my Lenten Retreat!

Buonasera Bellissima readers, and welcome to this week’s blog, where today, I will be reflecting on the transformative retreat that I had the privilege of attending last weekend! This experience is one that I have grown very eager to share, as it reminded me of the purpose of Lent and […]